ANN ARBOR, Mich., May 12, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Joseph Tabers' little pocket-sized book entitled "God has Great Plans for You" has emerged as a clear favorite graduation gift among parents, grandparents, and even some high school principals. That was a surprise for Tabers, who has already sold 2,000 copies in a relatively short time.

"I knew it would make a great tool for young adults who are discerning what they want to do next. After all, that's why I wrote it," says Tabers, a seasoned corporate trainer and professional speaker with two teen boys. "But none of us expected the book to be so popular, so quickly. Even bookstores tell me they love it. One bookstore near us in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has already re-ordered 100 copies in less than a year. And that's just one bookstore! Honestly, it's a nice surprise."

The book, "God has Great Plans for You," culls from both Tabers' professional and personal experience. It takes young adults through various exercises and observations about themselves, their passions and interests, and about the world around them, through a Christian and rational lens. Yet it is specifically designed to be engaging and inspiring, speaking directly to the reader and graphically interesting.

"I've been looking for a book like this for my students for a long time," says seasoned headmaster Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed., who purchased 35 copies as a gift for his graduating senior class as soon as he learned about the book last year. "We received a lot of positive feedback and gratitude from parents and graduated seniors, so we'll definitely be doing it again this year."

Brian Wolcott, principal of Father Gabriel Richard High School in the Midwest concurs. "In a world our teens often find overwhelming and discouraging, your book offers a semester's worth of practical advice every high school student should know and apply. I found the text easy to read and I thought both the work in each chapter and the Takeaways at the end were great teaching tools, they should prove to ensure success for each person who reads your book."

"What a fantastic resource!" adds Kelli Simon, a Life coach, motivational speaker and a seasoned youth minister. "It is timeless and ageless. I used this book with ages 12- 21...and they all seem to get something useful and inspiring from it. Thank you for writing it, Joseph."

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Our first print run of the newly introduced book - "God Has GREAT Plans for You!" arrived on April 1st 2010. Days later we were in Minneapolis April 6-8, 2010 at the NCEA - National Catholic Educators Association Convention and Expo Wow, what a great experience to see and talk with so many generous educators that work with the faith formation of our youth! They were expecting around 6000 Catholic educators in attendance and we heard the ended up with well over 8000 in attendance. Upon introducing the book to hundreds of educators, their responses were extremely positive! Some High School Principals and Youth Ministers expressed interest in acquiring a copy for all of their seniors. We even had some Spanish-speaking teachers express interest in a possible Spanish version of the book. Our goal was and still is to get the book in the hands of as many 17 to 27-year-olds as possible. With the help and hands of those in Catholic or Christian youth leadership roles this will happen one book, or one in case of books at a time.