About The Author

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1959, Joseph Michael Tabers (“Joe”) is the son of two terrific parents; brother to five wonderful siblings; husband to a fantastic wife; and dad to two great teenage boys. He is also an uncle, neighbor, friend, Catholic Christian and so much more.
From his parents’ example, Joe learned the importance of faith in God and relationship with God. “Through my parents I first learned that God is real — a real, living person — and that Jesus Christ IS God. I discovered that in knowing Jesus, I can actually know God as truly as I know any of my family or friends. Later on, as an adult, I did my own exhaustive comparative religion studies, only to arrive at the same amazing conclusion!”
Joe adds: “When we are growing up and maturing as young adults it can take some time to fully understand the gifts we have been given (for example, the gift of faith). I know it took me a while to fully understand the Scripture verse ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be given in addition.’ Today I am a grateful, faith-filled Catholic man who loves and appreciates his faith and the relationship I have with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

A wealth of professional expertise…
As a sought-after corporate trainer, Joe teaches numerous corporate courses on leadership, trust, team communication and service skills. He has worked with thousands of audiences over a 25-year span. Having earned distinction as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association in 1998, Joe continues to write and lecture on personal effectiveness, passionately working with up to 100 audiences per year. One of the common themes of his speaking and training is: “We serve and lead others more effectively with selflessness."

Active church participation…
Joe practices what he talks about, too! He truly believes that we are at our best when serving others. He often comments on how grateful he is for the many opportunities he’s embraced over the years to be an active volunteer in his parish and in the wider Church. Volunteering has been part of his life for a long time.
From singing in the men’s choir and teaching junior high catechism classes in his late teens, to parish youth ministry work with his wife early in their marriage, the habit of “giving back” continues to this day. For the past eight years, Joe has facilitated or presented dozens of top-rated marriage preparation sessions for engaged couples preparing for married life. “It’s not rocket science,” Joe says about his extra service to the church. “Anyone who takes time to volunteer and to help others will always find greater joy in return. Guaranteed!”

Pulling it all together…
It is through this Catholic Christian lens, as well as through 50 years of life experience, miles of travels and working with people in all walks of life, that Joe wrote this handy little book for older teens and young adults.
Now, in his easy-to-read book, God Has GREAT Plans for You, he distills and shares with teens and young adults some of the most powerful influencers in his own youth as well as practical, interactive tools he has used for years to help others to discern, recognize and follow God’s calling.
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